DarkSaga is a privacy oriented, decentralized, peer-to-peer digital currency.
White paper

Darksaga is a Open Source Decentralized Virtual Currency

DarkSaga (formerly known as SagaCoin) is a cryptocurrency payment platform featuring masternodes.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a private decentralized virtual currency to a connected and engaged community.Our robust and secure network allows for fast processing and near zero cost fees. To enhance our system, we're developing an online marketplace to compliment our distributed ledger and medium of exchange (SAGA).

Our Vision

Our Vision is to grow a thriving community and marketplace that will allow anyone to easily transact and send value online.


Block time of 120 seconds. Meaning confirmation times are 5x faster than that of Bitcoin.


2MB block size, this allows SagaCoin to carry twice as many transactions in a single block when compared to Bitcoin

Low Fee

Minimal transaction fee of 0.000001 Saga.


Open Source Code available to everyone, Darksaga is free to anyone who chooses to mine it.


Our Development team has taken significant steps towards enhancing user security, and personal privacy by removing the middle man.

Darksaga stats

DarkSaga is a hybrid PoW/PoS based cryptocurrency with Masternodes

Ticker: SAGA
Algorithm: Scrypt
Supply: 42,000,000
Spacing: 2.5 minutes
10 Minute Confirmation Time
Port: 62620
RPCport: 62720

Block Rewards

< 1,043,122 6 SAGA per block (2 PoW, 2 PoS, 2 Masternodes)
> 1,043,122 3 SAGA per block (1 PoS, 1 PoS, 1 Masternodes)
Masternode collateral: 2500 SAGA
Minimum Stake Age: 8 hours


Official release of the Darksaga wallets


Official release on Github

Mac osx

Official release on Github


Official release on Github


Official release on Github

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